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Becoming Visionary

Our “Factories of Ideas” and our projects all have the same characteristic to be a ”work-in-progress” projects. We have built our legacy made of know how, organizational models and precise ideas on problems and their solutions. Nevertheless, we believe in the importance of constructive doubt that is the consciousness of the benefits we acquire when we consider ourselves “deniable”. This makes Vision a reality in progress based upon a group of people, values and models. We are open to confrontation in all the phases of planning, elaboration and presentation of our researches.

Vision lives and grows thanks to the contribution of young “ideas managers” for the “Factories of Ideas”, who are capable organizers, enterprising people, creative and capable to develop and maintain alive the debate on the issues that we care about.

At this time we are looking for:

1. ideas manager for some of the projects we are going to develop in our factories
"Internet vs. Internet", in "Technology and Society", "The future of Families"; and "Generation X’s Revolution” in "Society and Globalization”, "The end of Democracy ” in "Globalization and Democracy”, – see Forum section). It is about working on final reports, replying to our readers, updating the questions’ list, organizing presentation meetings format and taking care of an extensive and accessible documentation;

2. associates who could become the linking point towards think tanks in Countries where Vision is starting new collaborations like: Germany, Eastern Countries and Spain.
3. people who are willing to work on the translations of Vision’s publications.
4. If you are interested you may contact us sending an mail or making a proposal directly in our Forums.

Vision also grows through ideas, proposals of new issues to debate upon and more efficient organizational models. We will be waiting for your suggestions that will all be published so to stimulate the minds of other web surfers