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E-Government and Public Service Delivery
Rome, 30th March 2015 - Brussels, 1st April 2015

E-Government is vital for the promotion of good governance, characterized by participation of stakeholders in the government, decency, transparency, accountability, fairness and efficiency. In this context, Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) facilitate government’s relations with citizens, institutions and businesses. However, the ability to use these technologies in public administrations is not fully explored and ICTs seem to have lost their initial appeal as a motor of growth since the 2000s.

Vision organized two events that will lead to the analysis and discussion of the institutional conditions that allow a range of efficient and transparent public services . The events give us the opportunity to present the VISION paper on ASAN Service, Azerbaijani State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations, which functioned as a great tool to increase the transparency and efficiency of public administration in the delivery of public services in Azerbaijan.

On March 30th was held in Rome the conference 'Public Service Delivery and One-Stop-Shops in Europe: the case of ASAN', organized in collaboration with ANCI. The conference focused on delivery of public services to citizens, both in Italy and in Europe, deepening the application of information technology in public administration.  Among the speakers: Azay Guliyev (Chairman of the Council on State Support  to NGOs, Azerbaijan), Veronica Nicotra (Secretary General of ANCI, National Association of Cities and Mun icipalities, Italy), François Du Mortier (CIRB Manager, Belgium), Stephen Benians (British Council), Azad Jafarli (International Manager of ASAN, Azerbaijan).

In Brussels, on April 1st, Vision organized a workshop entitled 'Institutional Conditions to Develop Successful e-Government Programmes', in collaboration with CIRB. The discussion will focus on the levels of development of e-government programs in several European countries, analyzing what are the institutional environment to create an efficient, transparent and accessible to all citizens. Among the speakers: Robert Herzeel  (Deputy General Manager, CIRB, Belgium),  H.E. Fuad Isgandarov (Azerbaijani Ambassador to the European Union), Valeria Satta (Head of Brussels Office, ANCI, Italy).

Conference Agenda -  Rome,  March 30th

Workshop Agenda - Brussels, April 1st

Vision Report: Moving towards citizens: the "ASAN Service" model

Paper Vision: Abstract in English

Paper Vision: Abstract in French

Paper Vision: Abstract in German

Paper Vision: Abstract in Italian

Vision Presentation - Rome, 30th MArch

Conference Photos - Rome, 30th March 

Post Event Rome - Press Release

Vision Presentation - Brussels, 1st April

Conference Photos - Brussels, 1st April

Post Event Brussels - Press Release 

Media Coverage - Rome / Brussels