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Barroso and the superman syndrome - article by Yeliz Haciosmanoglu and Francesco Grillo, abount Barroso’s state of the union speech in the European Parliaments plenary session on the 26th of September.

Last Vision webmagazine on Left & Right. Among the authors: Asheem Singh (Impetus), Sandro Gozi (Italian MP), Jamie Bartlett and Max Wind-Cowie (Demos)....
On May 13th Vision was at British School at Roma for the conference “The end of the Leviathan and the rise of the Big Society” (paper, agenda and photos). A debate on different paths towards Big Society taken by Italy and UK, with speakers from relevant UK think tanks (Fabian Society, Demos, ResPublica), Italian politicians and John Hooper from The Economist. All materials can be found inside the project page.
On April 14th, Vision was in Perugia, for the fifth annual conference on the future of the universities. The event, held at Perugia University for foreigners, was part of the International Journalism Festival. Inside the project page, you can find photos, Vision paper, and presentations by the speakers.
All materials related to the conference on Universities (held in Turin on Oct, 18th) are available in our last newsletter: the ranking of Italian universities, Vision paper on Rankings and Internationalization, Vision presentation, photos, press release.
Among the triggers of change for Universities, Vision considers rankings and internationalization the fundamental ones. Vision newsletter analyze them and present the conference to be held in Turin on October 18th.

Vision will be in Turin on October 18th for the annual conference on Future of Universities ("Italian and European Universities within the Innovation Global Market: Reforms and triggers of change"). Speakers will represent EC, OECD, and university systems of UK, US, China, Japan, Germany and Italy. Conference Agenda available on VisionBlog.

Facebook has changed our lives. Its break into the world of social and personal relationships is analyzed by Vision in the last newsletter.

The evidence and the questions of Vison's paper "The Politics and Economics of Happiness" will be discussed during the event "The Pursuit of Happiness", to be held in Rome in Villa Wolkonsky on May 13th, organized by the British Council and Vision in partnership with the American Embassy, the UK Embassy, the Canadian Embassy, Rena, TN2020. Whoever is interested in the project can write to

Vision released the last e-magazine on Africa, Happiness and Italy from outside.

On February the 12th, in Birmingham, Vision took part to the English follow up of "the B factor". Click here to watch the conference.

On saturday the 20th, Vision has been interviewed within the programme "Giovani Talenti" ("Young Talents"), on Radio 24. Click here to listen.
On February the 12th Vision took part to "Prospects for Italy", the round table organized in Birmingham by Open University and Open Democracy. The "10 questions to the opposition" are the output. Click here to read the press coverage.
Vision will take part to the English follow up of "The B Factor" on February the 12th in Birmingham. The event is organized by Open University and in collaboration with OpenDemocracy.
Brainstorming on the new project: "The Politics and Economics of Happiness", tonight at 7 in Vision's office in Rome. You can send an email to, should you like to take part.
Prestigious authors wrote on the last issue of Vision's e-magazine, about the "B factor". Vision starts with an interesting analysis about the politicians' quotations in the international media
These days we have one more contraposition about Radio-TV Italian system: “freedom of information” (with the demonstration in Rome) against “impartiality of information” (with the campaign against the Rai fee). Once more the contraposition appears to be about the distribution of information among political products. Vision’s approach on the Rai issue is different and focuses on the real nature of the Public Service.
The result of Irish referendum is an input to renew the debate about the future of Europe, but also about the sense of this project itself. Vision launch a preliminary, simple but amazing analysis on the correlation between money spent from Europe for a country and propension of the Country for Europe itself.

In the global market for innovation the future of Italian and European universities is closely linked to their ability to adjust to internationalization: Vision addressed this topic presenting its paper during its annual conference on universities, organized in conjunction with Nova, Air and Urania, and with the help of recent data provided, among others, by OECD and the Lisbon Council. Universities are the object of continuous assessments measuring their prestige and results. Moreover, universities can no longer be considered independently of the national, regional and thematic environment in which they operate. The conference was held in Rome on the 20th of April and explored these topics. Agenda

In the global market for innovation the future of Italian and European universities is closely linked to their ability to adjust to internationalization: Vision addresses this topic during the annual conference on universities, organized in conjunction with Nova, Air and Urania, with the help of recent data provided, among others, by OECD and the Lisbon Council. Universities are the object of continuous assessments measuring their prestige and results. Moreover, universities can no longer be considered independently of the national, regional and thematic environement, in which they operate. The conference to be held in Rome on 20 April will explore these topics. Agenda.
Vision has launched the "Kyoto of the Cities" (Agenda), a project with the objective to explore the possibility of engaging major cities in an international agreement on environment - related goals and explore strategies for CO2 emissions in housing, waste management and urban transportation. The core group of insight and expertise providers to date includes McKinsey & Co, The London School of Economics, Bocconi University and Demos- the UK leading think-tank.
The project's results will be delivered at a conference taking place in Naples on 26-28, March 2009. Anyone interested in the project or the upcoming conference can obtain further information by writing to

A Europe - Wide Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty? The debate on the future of Europe jointly organised by the think tanks Vision (Italy) and Prometheus (Belgium) will take place Friday, 5 December 2008 from 17h00 - 19h00 at the Belgian Federal Parliament, Le Palais de La Nation, Rue de Louvain, 1000 - Brussels. The event will host a debate among young leaders representing most of the EU 27 countries on the basis of the agenda, enclosed paper, opening presentations by Vision and Prometheus, and brief addresses by key note speakers.


From “Kyoto of the nations” to “Kyoto of the cities”. The paper proposed by Vision, suggests a different approach to the issues related to the environment and climate changes. Vision looks at the cities as the new protagonists of global government processes, and as chances to reach families and people. Next October, Reset journal will publish an inset on our proposal on Climate Change.


The virus of fear is spreading more and more. But, does an emergency really exist? And to what extent is it related to immigration? Political actions run the risk to produce negative effects, making people perceptions and feelings worse. Vision’s project has just been launched, and it will become one of the main initiatives during the next months.


Italy 2008: Making sense of Italy’s next general political election 
April, 1, London. Today Vision together with the London based think tank Demos and The Economist is holding a debate on next Italian general election. Eppur si muove? is the title of the seminar taking place in London, at Demos, where the leaders of the political parties together with international media and will participate.


A draft of Vision’s current project “The Beautiful Game?” is now available online. The project is a continuation of the concept paper released in May 2006, “The Most Beautiful Game in the World.” At the moment, the position paper outlines the most serious problems that Lega Calcio Serie A, Italy’s top professional football division, is currently facing. Vision – in collaboration with the Università Bocconi – will host a seminar in June, in order to better understand the possible recommendations that could help govern the state of Italian football. A draft of the position paper can be found online. Please check back frequently for the latest draft.


18 January is close by. The four proposals by Vision for an effective reform process of the Italian University system will be discussed at the Deputee's Chamber. The conference will be the occasion to debate and compare ideas from key-actors of universities and enterprises in Italy and Europe. For further information please download the agenda of the event "Universities in the innovation market: four line of action".


On the 10th december in Bali, Vision is providing ideas to the proposal on the "Kyoto of the cities" with the paper "Energy, climate change and democracy: the future is now". On the 17th december in Milan Vision presents the paper on security and media.


The Vision Christmas Reunion and Christamas Party is this year taking place in Turin on the 15th December. The presentation of Vision programme for 2008 are introduced by the paper "From think tank to a think and do tank"

On 18 January 2008 Vision organizes at the Deputies’ Chamber, Sala del Cenacolo, the conference on “The Italian and European Universities in the global market innovation - One year later”. The seminar is meant to contribute to investigate the operation of four specific projects to reform the Italian and European university systems.

Although globalization and technological revolution had a big social and economic impact on the modern economies, Italy isn’t yet able to manage these changes. From this assumption starts the new survey of Vision, the project Ten points for Italy, which focus on some possible actions to get effective solutions about big economic and social issues. The project will be accompanied by launching of a collection of articles and by a poll. It will become, very soon, a platform for releasing new programmes where all people could express their opinions in a very simple way putting on trial forms of direct democracy.

On the last 28th and on 29th June, Vision presented at the RC47 Conference Globalization, Identities and Experience of Localities the project ICTand its impact on collective action about the evolution of communication formats and the impact of ICT on collective action.
Vision's project "Energy and Democracy: the future is now" will not be a traditional conference on energy. Vision bases its evidence on a relationship between the energy system and the concept of democracy, in the hope of creating an original analysis and to prosose the "four levers" that allow us to visualise a more efficient, secure and democratic energy system. The seminar will take place on May the 18th at 3 p.m., in the Sala del Refettorio at the Camera dei Deputati in Rome. To book your own seat, please write to
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Vision launches Visions for Europe, the new project that will structure a cycle of international seminars about Europe. The project is inaugurated today by a collection of Vision's opinions. Our position paper is online.
The demise of printed newspapers seems imminent. Vision's newest project, "A paperless world", has been launched. The position paper will be online soon.
The date of the twenty second of January is next. Vison’s analysis about the problem of Italian University system, and especially the possible and necessary solutions that we developed, are about to be checked: “ Italian and European Universities in the global market of Innovation”, the seminar that will take place at the Camera dei Deputati, is going to make our proposals meet the institutional actors. The program of the event and the list of the participants are on line.

On the next 22th January: Vision organizes at Deputies’ Chamber, the seminar “The Italian and European University in the innovation’s market: the options for the reform”. On 19th February, a second seminar will be dedicated to “Energy and Democracy: the future is already begun”. For further information please contact: for the first seminar and for the second.

Vision is developing a new and innovative web based newspaper. The newspaper is meant to bring together long-term projects with current political events. The platform is open to whoever wants to join Vision in our new endeavour, as you can see in the Blogging section.

Vision’s latest project ”The Most Beautiful Game in the World” is now available. The project is a continuation of Vision’s initial project on the Olympic Games, potential contributors are encouraged to contact Vision.

Vision’s research on the family continues with the publication of the July edition of Reset. Vision has also elaborated an explanation of the diminishing birth rate in Italy as well as other OECD countries.

The 19th of June Vision held a conference entitled The Democracy of the Future. Participants included Francesco Grillo, Marco Grasso, Giancarlo Bosetti, Mario Adinolfi, Franco Bassanini, Daniele Capezzone, Mario Caligiuri, Stefano Ceccanti, Valentino Larcinese and Philippe Schmitter. The debate brought to light the current state of democracy in Italy and new possibilities offered by ICT technology applied to the democratic process.


Together with the Information Systems Department of London School of Economics, Vision organizes the conference “Beyond E-Gov, the international experience”, sponsored by IBM, Microsoft and Sun. The research, currently undertaken by Vision, is focused on the use of ICTS as a critical tool to achieve quantum leap performance improvements in four policy led, pivotal areas. Security, Tourism, Urban Transportation and Health Care.

The question surrounding the family’s place in society has in recent times become a pivotal issue,  coming to the forefront of electoral campaigns both in Italy and in the majority of industrialised societies. A debate often influenced by ideology and  more often than not based on a model of society that is no longer grounded in any sort of tangible reality.
Is it true that the family, the very cradle of sentiments and solidarity, is in crisis?
The reflection on the future of the family is amongst one of the most fascinating undertaken to date by Vision. It interweaves politics and sentiments, cultural issues and cinematographic tales.
Vision will present its position paper on the 27th of April, in Rome, to the newly elected Italian Parliament, and five hundred metres from the Institution that more than any other, has influenced the idea of the family in western societies. The work will be presented together with the “family index” which rates different countries according to their respective levels of flexibility and social support and calculates the correlation of the said variables with the performance of families in different countries.
Could London be the greatest mistake in the terrorists' communication strategy? What could we do to defeat this terrorism? The articles of Stephen Benians, Andrea Salvini, Liliana Del Pozo and Natalia Leshchenko, the essay of Francesco Grillo are the first reactions of a generation that feels that its ideals are the real targets of extremism. With this initiative we launch a call for ideas on "what to do" after London's attacks.
The day after the attack to London, Vision proposes its project "Back to Democracy" on the democratisation of democracy. We believe that the real battle is to be fought on the radical renovation of institutions and values that need to change in order to survive. We hope to receive as much reactions as possible from any reader who wish to have his/her say on a debate on Democracy that may be one of the key of a response to the dark side of the force.
Vision’s New Quick Collection “A Vision for the new Europe" is on line. The collection gathers different point of views of young leaders from different countries of the old, the new and the next Europe, and the position paper. The objective is to put together different interpretations of the referenda results and collect some of the ideas on how to relaunch the European project after the failure of the latest Council.

Is there still a future for the UN after the High Level Panel Report? Is there an “international public opinion” that can be realistically involved in a process which seems to be entirely dependent on the good will of a tiny circle of experts? Why is it so difficult to reallocate intellectual resources – from the description of problems to identifying solutions – to the questions that globalisation raises? After the seminars at the London School of Economics and in Brussels, Vision publishes the UN’s Quick Collection, a collection of ideas, proposals and thoughts on the redesign of global governance.  In the meantime, TransformUN project is gearing up towards the objective of a “new San Francisco”, sixty years after the birth of the UN.

Why is Europe failing its most vital objectives and what, more specifically, can the Commission do with its small budget against such an ambitious goal? Vision publishes a further, in progress version of the paper on the Lisbon Strategy. The working group is composed by reaserchers from the European University Istitute of Florence and from the London School of Economics. This paper  is an input to the next meeting of European Young Leaders with President Barroso (organized by The Lisbon Council in Brussels, 14th March 2005) and the starting point for seminars on the next programming period of structural funds expenditure that Vision will hold during this spring in London, Florence and Brussels.
How true is the sensation that people are growing more pessimistic about the future of our civilization? How serious is the threat of climate change? What can be done to improve current institutional capabilities, and what alternatives can we find to a framework like Kyoto? Right after the coming into force of Kyoto’s Protocol, Marco Grasso and Stefano Sylos Labini introduce a new Vision project on climate change and other environmental challenges. A questionnaire about our perceptions as individuals about what our environmental priorities should be will follow.
Four days after the High Level Report, Vision’s second event on TransformUN project took place in Bruxelles at The Centre.The round table of Bruxelles is the second step of Vision’s project dedicated to redesign global governance instruments  which was launched on 22nd of November with a seminar at London School of Economics. The position paper on the seminar, on how to make the transformation process start, and the Vision comment to the High Level Panel Report do represent a call to all readers for ideas and papers that we will publish in a forecoming Vision collection on the reform UN.

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